Your Community Board Representative - reaching out for ideas

Michael Dawson

I was just elected as the OpenJS Community Board representative last month. For the previous year I'd served as the Node.js board representative which was in place as a 1 year transition step.

My participation in the Node.js project makes it easy for me to represent the concerns of the Node.js project and provide updates on what's going on at the board level.

I'm thinking about how to best extend that to the larger community of projects within the OpenJS Foundation and want to get your thoughts on what would be useful.  The areas to cover include:

- taking concerns/issue to the board on behalf of projects
- providing updates on what's going on at the board level.

Some of this should already be happening through your Cross Project Council representatives but I wanted to see if any of the following or other might be useful:

- me coming to some project meetings (for example the equivalent of the Node.js TSC and CommComm meetings)
- a regular interlock of some sort to discuss the above issues
- a regular email asking if there are any concerns/issues I should be bringing up
- something else ?