Sponsoring interns displaced as a result of COVID-19

Robin Ginn

Hi Project friends. Does your open source project need an intern, and do you have resources to support? The Linux Foundation will be announcing that it’s expanding its Mentorship Program in response to COVID-19 by supporting interns who have been displaced as a result of the global pandemic. This program allows interns to work on any open source project, including OpenJS Foundation projects and projects outside the LF org. We’re looking for sponsoring organizations, and intern program maintainers and mentors to participate.

Sponsorship starts at $6k for a single intern up to the-sky's-the-limit for marquee sponsorship. Every intern counts, so every little bit helps. The program is 100% remote.

Large donors will be highlighted by the LF, and the OpenJS can feature interested mentor/mentee collaborations. The Linux Foundation has provided $100K in seed funding to jumpstart the program immediately.

Applications for the Mentorship Program will be accepted starting today and will be open for four weeks. Candidates will be reviewed and notified during the final weeks of May. Mentees will be matched with their mentors and begin their programs on or around June 1. 

Attached is more info on the program. Please give me a shout if you’re interested or have questions.