OpenJS project maintainers - JSF CLA bot replacement due to failing checks


Hey everyone (but particularly OpenJS Foundation project maintainers),

Unfortunately due to an API change, the JSF CLA bot is down. As you know, we've been gradually replacing it in projects with EasyCLA. Well, now we're doing it quickly. :-)

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the old CLA and the CLA bot needed to go for a number of reasons. However, this means that license/cla checks on PRs against your projects won't complete... ever. Jory and I need you to do two simple things.

1) Add brianwarner as an owner of your project organization. I can swap out the old JSF CLA webhook for the new EasyCLA app. You don't have to do anything else.

2) Open a PR against this repo ( ASAP, and go until you get a green checkmark. You can then close the PR. This allows you to pre-sign the CLA.

Once you add me as an owner on your org, I'll open an issue in your main repo describing what's happening for contributors. Here are a few things to know right off the bat though.

- The OpenJS Foundation CLA text is different from the old JSF CLA, so new contributions require a new signature. However, we do *not* need new signatures for historical contributors, those original signatures are still valid for those commits.

- EasyCLA works across the foundation for all projects who use EasyCLA, from "A" to "W". If you sign with EasyCLA on one project you're covered across all of them. This is an improvement from the old bot.

Finally, you'll probably have some PRs that wait forever for the old license/cla check to complete. If EasyCLA is turned on and gives a green checkmark on a PR, and license/cla is the only other thing that isn't green, a maintainer can override the failing check and merge the PR. Please note this *only* counts if EasyCLA has passed the PR.

If you have any questions, please find Jory or me on Slack.


Brian Warner
The Linux Foundation
+1 724 301-6171