OpenJS Bootstrap Updates + News You Can Use - 04.29

Jory Burson

🌞 Boa tarde, amigos!

Today is the May 1 deadline for Impact projects to select their CPC representative(s) and for At Large & Growth projects to submit their nominations. I know everyone is very busy, so I am attempting not to bother you all too much about this. But it is really important - this is the crux of how our foundation will run, and we need to do it with real input from project communities. My best guess for how much time this will take is about 2-3 hours every other week. One hour for a meeting and 1-2 hours for any follow-up actions. Many thanks to Nick O'Leary for helping develop the election process, which is a work in progress... stay tuned!

Survey for New Meeting Times
In an effort to make sure we are able to accommodate as many people who want to participate as possible, we are revisiting the regularly scheduled meeting time. Please take a look and add your availability this week!! Note that there are two tabs on this sheet - one for times on Tuesday, another for times on Wednesday:

Infrastructure & Tooling Audit
As an FYI, we're doing a review of all our infrastructure accounts (cloudflare, digitalocean, namecheap, statuscake, etc) to see what we're really using, whether things can be consolidated in anyway, and how we can write the 'service menu' so to speak for foundation projects so it's really clear what resources you get from the foundation (for example, did you know you can get site monitoring? I didn't until Friday!). We also want to review these services to see how much we can open it up for projects to manage themselves (if they want) vs. Linux Foundation IT or a potential OpenJS Foundation infrastructure group. Do you have services you love? Services you wish we had? Some other wishlist item in terms of support? Please let us know!

OpenJS Foundation Executive Director Search
The hunt is on for our ED - if you or someone you know is a great candidate, please send them this link and encourage them to apply!

Collaborator Summit - Almost last call for Proposals!
We are just about a month away from the collaborator summit in Berlin - in truth, we'll probably be revising the sessions right up to the day before the summit, but we'd love to know ASAP if you're going to be there and if you'd like to submit a session. We're hoping to get remote participation set up as well, but I don't have any details on what that looks like right now. 

The Event Registration link is here: (password is collabsummit)
Information on how to apply for the travel fund is here:

Meeting Recap
Unfortunately I had a minor natural gas emergency at my house on Monday morning, so I was unable to attend the meeting this week. I'm told it was very short though, and reviewing the meeting minutes it looks like it was mostly an update on work that had been handled async throughout the week. To that end, we have a new project board, a recording of the meeting here, and a project application process that we're working out. Take a look and weigh in with any thoughts, ideas or concerns!

Bit of a long one - thanks for hanging in there 🖖