[FYI] Exciting and Important Collab Summit Updates

Jory Burson

On behalf of the 2020 collab summit planning group, I'm excited to share a few updates and encourage you all to participate in this edition of Collab Summit.

TL,DR? New tracks, additional dates, online tools, submit a session!

🏁 Announcing Collab Summit 'Tracks'
This year we will have four tracks for different types of content.
  • New Contributors Track - we're looking for sessions that are beginner friendly, help new participants onboard into your project, learn a skill, or otherwise feel welcomed into OpenJSF spaces.
  • Cross-Project Track - this track is for sessions that interest or would apply to several projects. This can be specific to Cross-Project Council initiatives like the Standards Working Group, or to topic areas that affect lots of projects, like security or modules.
  • Project Track - this track is for project-specific sessions or working group meetings. This is the ideal track for your core contributors to meet, hold design sessions, tackle issues together or just brainstorm. 
  • Ad Hoc Track - this is for all the impromptu conversations that may pop up as a result of the sessions. We will have space for you to have these conversations as you need them.
💻 Adjusting For An Online Experience
Given the global Covid-19 situation, we are making adjustments to hold Collab Summit online. Details about the video conferencing and tooling platform will be shared as soon as they are available. To make this as smooth an experience as possible, we are working on:
  • An Updated Session Facilitator's Guide to support presenters remotely
  • A platform demo an dry-run for presenters and moderators
  • A scheduling tool to maximally accommodate participants across timezones
  • Adjusting the event dates
  • Clear documentation for registrants to help them move between session "rooms" and find the content they are looking for
📅 3 Days of Collab Summit, 1 week of OpenJS Events

To ease the schedule management and burden on facilitators, we're spreading collab summit sessions out over 3 days, wrapped around the OpenJS World event: 
  • Monday, June 22: Collab Summit's New Contributor Track Day
  • Tuesday, June 23: OpenJS World Day 1
  • Wednesday, June 24: OpenJS World Day 2
  • Thursday, June 25: Collab Summit Project Track Day
  • Friday, June 26: Collab Summit Cross-Project Track Day
Ad Hoc Sessions can be held any day, and if a session presenter isn't available on the specific track day we will find a time that works. 

💪 Submit A Session & Get Involved
We're eager for you to submit your session proposals ASAP so we can build out the best schedule. 
1. Go to /summit and open an issue using the issue template
2. Let us know what track your session fits into, what time constraints you may have, and any other info you think would be helpful
3. We'll ping you for more information if we need it, and get back to you in a few weeks with technical details

Want to help us plan or get involved? We have several issues for help wanted and also upcoming meetings you can join. There's also a #collabsummit channel in our OpenJSF Slack workspace for other chatter!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you at OpenJSF Collab Summit 2020! 🎉

ps - some of you are probably getting this multiple times because it's going out to multiple lists. sorry about that. - jory