12.20 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

Seasonally Appropriate Greetings to Thee, OpenJSF Fam.
This is the last long email you will get from me in 2019*¬†ūüėā

Announcements & FYIs
  • Reminder that we are not holding CPC meetings Tuesday, Dec. 24 & Dec. 31.¬†¬†
  • If you have notes from a Collab Summit session to share, please update your session's issue on the Collab Summit repo with a link to those notes. We did record some of the sessions, but to be frank the recording situation was not great and I don't think the recordings will be super useful. So please share your notes!
  • The next OpenJS Foundation conference and Collab Summit has been announced, June 23-24 in Austin, Texas. This is a quick turnaround for our next event, but it allows us to take advantage of co-locating with Open Source Summit North America. Please mark your calendars!¬†¬†
  • In case you missed it, we announced and welcomed our newest project, Electron, to the foundation last week at Node¬†+ JS Interactive. Welcome, Electron-ians, we are thrilled to have you!¬†
  • The next foundation AMA will be Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 10 a.m. EST and it will be about MODULES! It will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel. If you have questions for the¬†panelists, please feel free to submit them via this form. If you are interested in participating in an AMA let us know!
  • Lastly, a reminder of all the forums through which you can get the lastest news & happenings from the Foundation. If you want to get involved with any of these, or simply make sure your projects' announcements are reaching a maximum audience, please talk to me about:¬†
‚ėē¬†CPC Meeting Notes / Recap
Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started with a discussion of two different project charters, WebdriverIO (#424)¬†and Mocha (#419). There were no issues with either charter, but the group did spend a few minutes discussing the process to make sure all were on the same page about how we approve charters. We are looking to keep the process as lightweight as possible, keeping the process the same as other governance or charter changes for the CPC.¬†
    We also clarified that the project charters are *not* legal documents, but that there is an important connection between project charters and governance, and projects must submit any charter changes to the CPC for approval.
  • Related to the project charters, the CPC discussed maintaining an index pointing to the approved project charters, which are to live in project repos. That was captured in issue #431
  • Issue #414, which refers to a pull request that adds Foundation-wide copyright guidance got some updates from Tobie, Jory, and others who had attended a session on the topic during Collab Summit. Specifically at the summit, attendees wanted clarification if this PR is meant to be a living guide document, or is a policy document that should not change without board approval. Brian clarified that it is meant to be an easily amendable guide for projects on how to implement the policy that has been adopted by the board. Tobie reinforced that most projects will be looking for clear directions about the simplest implementation of the policy, and that the implementation should be as frictionless as possible and prescriptive about the baseline implementation. Brian and Tobie agreed that continuing the conversation in the issue and setting up additional¬†time to work through the document together would be the best next steps. Myles suggested that an FAQ document would also be a good addition.
  • PR #413, which adds a copy of the Contributor Covenant CoC text, also received¬†an update from conversations which happened at the Collab Summit. After back and forth, the CPC conceded that it should follow the intent of the Covenant maintainers and inline the CoC (instead of including it by link). Eemeli has updated this PR. Tobie also shared some discussions about CoC escalation, and where we would canonically¬†keep a copy of the CoC (a suggestion is that it should be on the website with a reporting form). The group agrees at there are several connected issues that will benefit more from a focused group addressing it:¬†
    • Where the Canonical CoC Lives
    • How projects refer to that CoC
    • Reporting & Moderation
    • How project moderation / CoC teams collaborate on this policy
    • How the project handles infractions across multiple projects or in shared spaces
    • Forming the initial CoC panel
  • Issue #411,¬†Kicking off an OpenJS Foundation project landscape, requires more discussion on the thread. The main questions are how do we present them, and how do we represent the scope of this. The project has addressed the accessibility issues upstream.
  • We closed #409 about GitHub administration as the related action items were completed.
  • #405, which¬†adds a proposal for charter submission & review per #200, has some outstanding administrative action items before it can be merged & closed.
  • #400,¬†Point of contact for onboarding, has an open PR from Mike Samuel (#422). We agreed that this probably addresses the clarification we were looking for, but perhaps a second set of changes were not needed. We will make those notes and update the PR so that this can be closed.¬†
  • Issue #398, an issue capturing some onboarding meta questions, was closed, as we had discussed and answered these questions.¬†
  • #386, which has to do with¬†the post-graduation checklist, has some outstanding action items that Tobie will be handling before bringing this back to the group.
  • We discussed #379, which would move the PR for the CoC proposal to stage 3, at length as it relates to #413. This issue is blocked by 413, and further, the group felt that the proposal may need to be downgraded into stage 1 because there is still a lack of consensus. We also recognized that there needs to be more active consultation of projects on CoC issues. We determined¬†that we need to form a group or team to make progress on these issues; a suggestion was to make a Code-of-Conduct working group / repo. We will be making an issue and calling for participation on the CoC repo, but pausing to do too much of a push here until after the start of the year so that we don't lose momentum.
  • Clarify Travel Fund status & process #377¬†was a strong request from attendees at the Collab Summit. It seems that the next steps are simply to *do* the actions as outlined in the proposal. A volunteer to do the administrativa¬†was requested, and Christian Bromann offered to take this item.¬† ¬†
ūüďÖ¬†Next CPC meeting is: Tuesday, January 7th @ 17:00 UTC

ūü핬†Standards WG Recap
Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

The standards working group also met this week. We heard a recap from TC39 meeting attendees Mike Samuel and Myles Borins, and discussed upcoming (Q1 2020) meetings. We also discussed whether we could assist the committee with note taking, and encourage more diverse participation, with our attendance. Also of note: we encouraged all participants to issue PRs to add themselves as active members of the group, and Myles volunteered to propose a more formal chartering of our group to the CPC. 

ūüďÖ¬†Next Standards WG meeting is: Tuesday, January 14th @ 17:00 UTC

Your const companion,

* probably the last.