12.03 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

Hi there! 
The new year is just 3.5 weeks away and Node + JS Interactive is NEXT week - can you believe it?! Time flies when you're javascripting...

Important Quick Announcements
  • Due to next week's conference and collab summit, we will not be holding a CPC meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Also, due to the winter and New Year's holidays, the CPC meetings will also be cancelled on Tuesday, Dec. 24 & Dec. 31.
  • We are buttoning up our Collab Summit agenda - if you are planning to attend from any OpenJS Foundation project and would like to participate in or lead a discussion/session about your project, please let us know ASAP! We will make sure there's room for you!
  • Our Community Corner space (available during the conference) will be flexibly arranged and programmed. There will be an area to host Office Hours, Birds of a Feather session, or a quick meeting, as well as a spot to do lightning talks or just plug in and charge your devices. 
☕ CPC Meeting Notes / Recap

  • #406 - A PR that fixed missing/broken links to the Foundation's mission & vision in the CPC charter was merged in.
  • Joe discussed Collab Summit Session ideas (#390). Input is welcome to flesh out different areas we can work on for CPC programming. This is time sensitive! The summit is next week!
  • #398, Onboarding Meta Questions, sought some clarity around where certain issues should live and whether we wanted uniformity of naming. The discussion in the issue, and briefly in the meeting, trended toward requiring uniformity (for consistency with GH best practices). We also determined that a documentation for clarity is the next best step.
  • Related to the above, issue #400 was discussed to clarify communication channels on particular issues when said issues need to coordinate multiple parties (Foundation staff, CPC, and project groups). The point was made that having the right access levels could be prohibitive, and a clear procedure would be ideal. Tobie, Jory, and Brian planned to have an ad hoc discussion to develop a proposal for the rest of the org. 
  • #414 is a pull request that adds foundation-wide copyright guidance for projects. We would like to have more comments and +1s, to confirm that any questions from projects have been answered. We also want to confirm where we'd like this to live long term so it is easily findable for projects; and to make sure that any practical implementation questions from projects have been answered.
  • #413 is a pull request that adds a copy of the Contributor Covenant text. After some discussion about maintenance and benefits, the action is that Eemeli will create PR to update to reference a particular git SHA instead of a copy of the text.
  • Issue #409 sought to clarify the GitHub org permissions & administration of the CPC repo. We agreed that all CPC members, including regular members, will be org owners. We also agreed that we should enforce 2FA across the org. Jory has the action item to address those fixes. 
  • PR #405 is a proposal for the charter submission and review process. There have been some requested changes which Jory will resolve.
  • Issue #400 sought to clarify the point of contact for new project onboarding - this issue is particularly helpful for incubating projects. We clarified in the last meeting that the intention of the CPC Project Champion role was that that person should continue with a project from the silent period through incubation. Mike Samuel volunteered to write the documentation to clarify this.
  • Issue #398 included some onboarding meta questions. We agreed last time to put all onboarding issues into the separate onboarding repo, and to follow github naming conventions. Michael took action to look at naming specifically for the Code of Conduct proposal.
  • PR #379 which moves the COC proposal to stage 3 is now waiting on #413
  • Issue #326 addresses a possible Responsible Security Disclosure policy.  Michael Dawson reported that the security team has a baseline proposal in Package-maintenance repo for advice to ecosystem; then this will be used to generate specific guidance for OpenJS projects. 
  • We discussed onboarding issues in the project onboarding repository: 
    • We are spinning up an email list & slack channel to continue the conversation about supporting AMP's infra plan (#31)
    • Jory encouraged everyone to volunteer to support AMP and other incubating projects as they work through their checklists.
    • We discussed (#30) raised a checklist deadline goal for graduating AMP out of incubation by the collaborator's summit. We discussed that this goal is not one we can achieve. Issue needed an update.
  • We went through the project board:
    • Joe reported that he was ready to open a PR for the Admin Policy issue.
    • We closed the review foundation infra management issue, given that we have made some initial improvement passes but lack clear next steps here. We would welcome someone to champion a new vision of this area or a set of activities.
    • There were minimal updates on the issues under 'waiting for board approval'. We did close the issue related to style guide as it has been created under the artwork repository. 
    • The CLA bot is almost ready to turn on; the CLAs have been approved. CLAs are optional. Projects should reach out to Brian to talk about getting this configured.
    • The topic of project directed funding is still very active and ongoing with the board.
  • We did not get to issue #411, a discussion about creating a 'project landscape' tool. We anticipate discussing this further next week at the collab summit.  
📅 Next CPC meeting is: Tuesday, Dec. 17th @ 17:00 UTC

Your pal,