08.06 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

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There's a lot of exciting news from our projects this week, and just a reminder that if you have something exciting to share we are here to help you get the word out. Tell your OpenJS friends - we're here to help!


Upcoming Events &

Meeting Reminders

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  • Tuesday, August 11 @ 4 p.m. UTC - Cross Project Council Meeting
  • Tuesday, August 11 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Standards Working Group Meeting
  • Thursday, August 13 @ 5 p.m. UTC - OpenJS Office Hours
  • Tuesday, August 18 @ 7 p.m. UTC - OpenJS Marketing Committee Meeting

Announcements & FYIs

🎉 Congratulations, HospitalRun! OpenJS Foundation At Large project HospitalRun is on the shortlist for an OpenUK Award, and we couldn't be more proud. Read more about the OpenUK Awards and other nominees here.

🖥 New QUnit Website - Congrats and shout out to the QUnit project for their sweet new website. This represents a lot of work to move off a complex setup with jQuery and something much simpler for them to maintain independently. It looks beautiful - great work Timo & team!

🤗 Welcome New Voting CPC members from Electron! Electron, the OpenJS Foundation's newest Impact project, has elected Tierney Cyren and Shelly Vohr as their Voting CPC members. We are thrilled to have them representing the project, and look forward to getting their input on CPC programs!

CPC Meeting Notes & Recap

Meeting Notes Recording GitHub Issue
  • We started with issue #604, Electron's selection of two voting CPC members. A PR is opened to add Tierney and Shelly - welcome aboard!
  • Issue #601, Director Election Process,  is particularly timely in order to run an election for the open CPC community board seat. The group agreed to extend one seat for 6 months to offset one election, and agreed that immediate election would be for the seat currently held by Node / Michael Dawson. We will begin accepting nominations on Aug. 10 for a one week period, and open an election with OpaVote the following week. Kris Borchers took the action time to update the PR reflecting this agreement.
  • PR #587, Board seat definitions and process, is good to land. Joe Sepi took this action item.
  • #583 Updating the CLA to the Apache-style ICLA and CCLA, has a few tooling details to work out and discuss with the AMP team. The meeting label will be removed for now.
  • Issue #572 was brought to raise awareness of a Hackathon happening later in August, and to connect with folks who might be interested in judging or mentoring. Interested parties should chime in on the issue! The meeting label will be removed for now and the issue closed after the event.
  • On #547, Governance changes for Collaboration Network, is waiting on a board approval vote. Brian Warner will commence the vote and report back.
  • On #326, Responsible Security Disclosures, has a PR to land at stage 3. Marcin has a few procedural changes to bring in, but this is at the final stage.
  • On Issue #607, Next steps for the supporter program, Sara gave a brief summary and shared a doodle poll to start discussing details about implementation of the Supporter program. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend and contribute!
  • On issue, #592, Develop annual review process for projects, Chris Hiller summarized discussions that have been happening on the repo. The group agreed that the issue could likely be split into a few different issues, and that ideally Growth projects could work in teams to define this review and support one another. Next steps for this are to conclude the onboarding process for the current growth projects, and to get a small group of Growth projects together to get started.