07.29 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

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We're going to have some exciting news to share soon about new projects and new members - we've been staying busy between our summer vacations! If you'd like to be part of these announcements - let's chat about how you can get involved. Hit me up!


Upcoming Events &

Meeting Reminders

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  • Thursday, July 30 @ 5 p.m. UTC - OpenJSF Office Hours
  • Tuesday, August 4 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Cross Project Council Meeting
  • Tuesday, August 11 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Standards Working Group Meeting

Announcements & FYIs

๐Ÿšฉ Node.JS Certifications have launched in China! A huge congrats to the Node.js project and foundation teams for completing this lift. Ours is an international community, so it's important that our programs and benefits are available to a global audience. Help us get the word out or check out the certification program at https://openjsf.org/certification/.

๐Ÿ™‹ OpenJS Foundation Developer Profiles - We're launching a new blog series profiling maintainers, contributors and developers in our projects' communities. If you know someone you think we should feature, please ping Jory or Rachel in Slack! We're looking for diverse folks from across all our projects to highlight and celebrate. The first few profiles will be trickling out soon, so stay posted.

๐ŸŒ  Node RED v. 1.1 is out! Hot on the tail of their recent 1.0 major release, Node RED has pushed an update that adds some polish to the sidebar and editor. Check out all the updates on their blog, and `npm install`!

CPC Meeting Notes & Recap

Meeting Notes Recording GitHub Issue
  • We started with issue #567, Incubation Process Clarifications, Eemeli Aro had opened a PR with draft language. There have been several approvals on that PR now and it will go to the board for approval.
  • On issue, #592, Develop annual review process for projects, the group agreed that further discussion should be encouraged in the issue but that it would be ideal to have a proposal to respond to. We would additionally like to ensure that there are voices and representatives from Growth projects weighing in. Anyone interested in participating in that discussion is highly encouraged to chime in on the issue.
  • PR #587, Board seat definitions and process, is undergoing one last review by Joe Sepi before Michael Dawson sends it to the board to kickoff the email board vote. This issue is blocking issue #438, 2nd Director Seat Post July 2020. Once the PR lands, #438 will close andย  we will open an issue specifically for the upcoming election.
  • #583 Updating the CLA to the Apache-style ICLA and CCLA, hasn't received any further questions or comments. The Board vote on this issue was open and awaiting comments from our conversation; as a result Brian will close the issue now and let the board vote proceed.
  • Issue #572 was brought to raise awareness of a Hackathon happening later in August, and to connect with folks who might be interested in judging or mentoring. Interested parties should chime in on the issue!
  • On #547, Governance changes for Collaboration Network, Michael Dawson has an action item to look at the allowed licenses.
  • On #326, the corresponding PR #566ย  was merged in, and Michael Dawson will open a new PR to move the proposal to stage 3.