07.22 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

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There are a lot of initiatives and projects we're hoping to increase momentum on now that we've wrapped OpenJS World 2020 - Individual Supporter Program, OpenJS Collaboration Network, Growth Project Support, Ongoing Onboarding and so much more! If you're interested in getting involved with any of these initiatives, please let me know!


Upcoming Events &

Meeting Reminders

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  • Friday, July 24 @ 6 p.m. - OpenJSF Public Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 28 @ 4 p.m. UTC - Cross Project Council Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 28 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Standards Working Group Meeting
  • Thursday, July 30 @ 5 p.m. UTC - OpenJSF Office Hours

Announcements & FYIs

🗳 Nominations for the Board of Directors Seats Coming soon. We will be announcing the nomination process for the OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors seats very soon. If you or your organization would like to participate in foundation leadership at this level, please talk to Robin Ginn and Brian Warner about your options.

🌊 Changes to Digital Ocean Services for OpenJS Foundation Projects. Digital Ocean recently let us know that they are migrating their "free for open Source" accounts to a credit-based account. We don't anticipate that this will affect our projects and have been communicating with DO about our projects and their use of DO services. If you get any communication (or a bill!) from DO and need help, please let Jory or Brian know.

💼 LinkedIn Quest for 1000 - Let Me Add You to Our Professional Network The OpenJS Foundation Marketing Committee is doing a LinkedIn push, and would love to get to 1000 followers. If you're on LinkedIn, we'd love it if you gave us a follow and shared our content there from time to time. We've found that the recent conference videos make for especially good content shares (you look very professional!). 

🗒 Call for Case Studies. Another request from the Marketing committee is a call for Case Studies. If your organization is using an OpenJS Foundation project at scale, or in a new or interesting way, we'd love to hear about it. Bonus points if you're doing something socially just (because that's just awesome). Let us know in the #pr-marketing channel, or let Rachel, Robin or Jory know!

CPC Meeting Notes & Recap

Meeting Notes Recording GitHub Issue
  • We started with a new issue, #592, Develop annual review process for projects. Eemeli Aro opened the issue and contextualized the proposal: namely that, despite having a stated "project review process", we have not yet completed reviews or assessed our performance & support for Growth Projects. We discussed clarifying the purpose of the Growth stage, and collecting a group of participants from Growth projects to participate in what this review should look like. Eemeli will be gathering some ideas and recruiting participants as a next step.
  • Issue #590 was opened as an action item from last week's meeting to summarize recent changes to the OpenJS Foundation bylaws. Bylaws can be viewed at bylaws.openjsf.org. In summary, the changes bolster the Silver Membership class (protecting the board seats for that class), Adding End User Board seats to widen participation, and clarifying Board participation for organizations that are owned by the same parent company.
  • On PR #587, Board seat definitions and process, Joe Sepi has added updates based on the feedback from last week's discussion. Joe hopes to get enough CPC feedback to send the proposal to the Board before its meeting on Friday. As always, feedback is requested and welcome. This issue is blocking issue #438, 2nd Director Seat Post July 2020.
  • #583 Updating the CLA to the Apache-style ICLA and CCLA, was sent out to the project maintainer community and seems to have the rough consensus necessary to move forward. Implementation details, and navigating the transition, received most of the feedback.
  • Conversation continued on issues #574/#575, which capture the proposal for the individual membership program. The group settled the open question regarding the newsletter by agreeing that it could both be open *and* a benefit for Individual Supporters.
  • RE issue #567, Incubation Process Clarifications, Eemeli Aro has opened a PR with draft language. Comments are requested.
  • On #326, (#566 , corresponding PR) Responsible security disclosures, Michael Dawson will check for any new comments then merge, as was agreed at the last meeting.
  • On #547, Governance changes for Collaboration Network, Michael reported that the proposal had landed as stage 2. He plans to open a PR to advance the proposal to stage 3 and put that forward along with other governance change proposals to the Board.
  • Issue #526, Select Voting Tool for votes, has consensus to continue using OpaVote. Brian and Jory will set up a system by which the community can request election support.
  • Issue #95, Draft proposal for CommonsJS program, was tagged this week. Eemeli requested we discuss whether we want to continue fostering this as it does need a champion. Some discussion ensued about the difference between this and the collaboration network program. Eemeli noted that we should remove the program from the Charter and will draft a PR to spark further discussion.