07.18 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

📥 CPC Meeting Notes / Recap

There were several bits of work that we closed out and/or updated today. Most importantly, we did settle on new meeting times: the CPC meeting will now happen on alternating times on Tuesday starting next week (see #129)

The update to the 'Observer' role PR landed in the README (#234, related PR) per last week's discussion and with another minor language tweak to make it more clear this is open to all. 

We had an ad hoc conversation about issue #124, which has to do with updates to the former JSF cla-bot. Brian Warner and Jory explained that the issue is a little knotty, but not scary: the JSF infra for the bot is out of date, and we're looking at alternative solutions while also hoping to provide the projects with more guidance about their choices. Brian has provided an update on that thread.  

We went through the post-bootstrap action items and project board, creating some new issues and updating or closing others. We moved the aforementioned CLA issue to 'doing' and there was no change on the travel fund management issue (#172) from last week. We created a new issue for creating links to slack and other official OpenJSF communication channels from the OpenJSF website and assigned that to Brian Warner. 

Related to project progression, the intent is to land the project progression proposal to stage 3 (see #165) if there are no concerns from the board raised in the next week. We discussed adding a reference to the application process on the README in that PR as well. 

We plan to start asking projects to update their docs and keeping track of that progress. The action item on this was to create an issue template and project board to keep track of the progress. Jory and Kris Borchers volunteered for this as Architect has volunteered to test the on-boarding process. Other issues had smaller updates but were included on the project board as well.

📅 Next meeting is: Tuesday, July 23 @ 18:00 UTC

⏳New, New CPC Meeting Times
As mentioned above, the CPC will now be meeting on Tuesdays at alternating times: 16:00 and 18:00 UTC. You can subscribe to the OpenJSF calendar to stay updated here: https://github.com/openjs-foundation/cross-project-council#cpc-meetings

📸 Marketing/Content Opportunity: Project AMAs
Tracy Lee and Rachel Romoff from LF Marketing are planning a series of project AMAs (ask me anything) for the Foundation's blog and social accounts. The goal is to educate and provide access to the community on OpenJSF projects by submitting questions to panelists and engaging with them on YouTube live. 

If you, or someone in your project community, would be interested in doing an AMA please let us know!

📋 Collab Summit Planning
We are already thinking about the next collab summit, which will be in Montreal in December right after Node + JS Interactive. If you're interested in helping out with planning & organizing, mosey on over to the /summit repo! We're excited to get started!! 

Take the MDN Developer Needs Survey
MDN have launched a comprehensive survey to ask developers and designers about their experiences building on the web platform. They'll be making the dataset public at the end of the survey period: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2019/07/mdn-web-developer-designer-survey/

📣 Do you have News Others Can Use?
Share it with me via slack or email, and I'll make sure to include it in these weekly updates! Alternatively, you can send it yourself as you wish... this mailing list is open for all :D 

Have a crazy, lazy day~~