07.15 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

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We're half-way through a really busy - and very strange - year for the OpenJS Foundation community. With our first virtual conference and Collab Summit behind us, we're thinking a lot about how to improve and scale event experiences and Foundation services moving forward. We're brainstorming and thinking creatively about a number of programs and policies, too, so if you have ideas you'd like to share or work on I hope you'll reach out and get involved!


Upcoming Events &

Meeting Reminders

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  • Thursday, July 16 @ 5 p.m. UTC - OpenJSF Office Hours
  • Tuesday, July 21 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Cross Project Council Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 21 @ 7 p.m. UTC - OpenJSF Marketing Committee Meeting
  • Friday, July 24 @ 6 p.m. - OpenJSF Public Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 28 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Standards Working Group Meeting

Announcements & FYIs

🎥 OpenJS World Keynotes are live! We were blown away by all the talks at OpenJS World, and have been sharing some of our favorites (especially the keynotes) this week on the Foundation's blog. If you haven't already, check out the videos on YouTube and help share your favorites by tweeting @OpenJSF.

CPC Meeting Notes & Recap

Meeting Notes Recording GitHub Issue
  • Michael Dawson shared an FYI that the board had approved changes to the bylaws. The changes do not affect projects, but to summarize the changes clarified board representation and reinforced the Silver membership class. In the future, the CPC Board Director will summarize these changes for us on an FYI issue.
  • The first issue we took up was PR #587, Board seat definitions and process. Joe Sepi contextualized the work, explaining that it sought to clarify terminology and provide more guidance for would-be community board director expectations. Joe requested further input and an engaging discussion ensued for almost the entirety of the meeting. One of the key questions that arose was the role of voting and regular members in the vote for community Board representatives. Joe has a number of language updates to this PR as a result of the conversation.
  • #583 Updating the CLA to the Apache-style ICLA and CCLA, did not have a major update but Jory was given the action item to email all OpenJSF Maintainers for input on this issue.
  • Issues #574/#575, which capture the proposal for the individual membership program, have two big open questions. First was whether the newsletter (this newsletter) should become a program benefit. Bandwidth of foundation staff was a key concern. The second was what more could be offered to supporters to help them create a 'happy path to contributions. Additionally, there was some sentiment around how income from the program benefits supporters. The suggestion is to see how it goes with the program before we decide. This proposal is set to advance.
  • On #326, (#566 , corresponding PR) Responsible security disclosures, Jory sent out an email to the maintainer community asking for feedback. Assuming no objections, we will merge this and advance the proposal by the end of the week.
  • We ran out of time to discuss other items on our agenda, and closed ~10 minutes early to go into a brief private session.