07.11 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

👏 CPC Meeting Notes / Recap

We got quite a lot accomplished yesterday, three cheers to everyone for getting so much done. We agreed on the language for issue #234 (who can be an observer) and determined that we should land that PR against the readme instead of the charter document to avoid waiting on the Board to have to approve. We landed and closed process-related PRs that were blocking the Node Charter changes (#199, #238, #240); We also landed/closed #220 which was about how we elect voting members from non-impact projects. We discussed a path forward for selecting an alternating meeting time - Joe Sepi will pull 2-3 next best options and we will select from those on issue #129

We next went through the post-bootstrap action items list and project board, and identified some issues that were already done or closed. One of the 'in progress' items was related to travel fund management and we determined that the next step to move that forward would be to draft a stage 1 proposal for comment & review. Jonah Stiennon took up that challenge and Joe, Brian and Jory offered to help with the proposal process as well. 

Lastly, we had an ad hoc discussion of the status of the project progression work. There are a few projects who are very interested in joining the OpenJS Foundation - we were interested to confirm that people are confident enough in the process we have to begin processing applications. After some discussion with the group including Mike Dolan (interim Executive Director) the group concluded that it is reasonable to encourage new projects to fill out the application form and let us know their intent by emailing new-projects@.... There was also a reminder that this is a confidential list, restricted to the Board Members, voting and regular members of the CPC, and that project applications are private.

📅 Next meeting is: Wednesday, July 17 @ 16:00 UTC

⏳Alternating CPC Meeting Time
One more big push/call for those who are interested in participating in the CPC meetings to share your availability on this issue. Joe Sepi will be selecting a few times for us to chose between and if you want to participate, we really want to accommodate you! 

🤔Calendars, how do they work?
Did you know you can subscribe to the OpenJSF Calendar for notifications on things like the CPC meetings, Standards WG meetings, or other things you might be interested in participating in? You can! Click here!

🎈 New Director on OpenJSF Board of Directors
The Node project has elected Michael Dawson to serve as one of our community directors - Congrats Michael!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!