07.08 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

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The template got a facelift this week, what do you think?

If you have any thoughts on what would make this more useful, helpful, or enjoyable please do let me know!

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Upcoming Events &

Meeting Reminders

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  • Tuesday, July 14 @ 4 p.m. UTC - Cross Project Council Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 14 @ 5 p.m. UTC - Collab Summit Retrospective Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 14 @ 6 p.m. UTC - Standards Working Group Meeting
  • Thursday, July 16 @ 5 p.m. UTC - OpenJSF Office Hours
  • Tuesday, July 21 @ 7 p.m. UTC - OpenJSF Marketing Committee Meeting
  • Friday, July 24 @ 6 p.m. - OpenJSF Public Board Meeting

Announcements & FYIs

🎥  In case you missed it, the Node Security Working Group did an AMA Session on Wednesday and it was, as always, super fun! Give it a listen, and let us know when you would like to schedule one with your project. On deck is an AMA with the ESLint team, so start thinking about what you want to ask Kai and Nicholas!

👏  Congratulations, Fastify! The Fastify team has announced the release of Fastify 3.0, and we couldn't be more proud and excited for the team. Congrats on this huge accomplishment go out to Matteo, Tomas, and the dozens of other leads and contributors.

🔨  If you've been thinking about getting involved in standards, the Standards Working Group have authored a blog post you should definitely check out. It describes a bit of the importance of standards and how the Standards WG is organizing to help OpenJS Foundation projects. Give it a read and join us at our next meeting, July 14!

💯  Last but definitely not least, here's a warm welcome to Sara Chipps and Divy Tolia, the CPC's newest regular members! Sara and Divy are already making a big difference, and we couldn't be more grateful for their time and contributions. We hope you will consider following in their footsteps - thank you Sara and Divy!!

CPC Meeting Notes & Recap

Meeting Notes Recording GitHub Issue
  • The first issue we took up was #575, which captures the proposal for the individual membership program and a corresponding pull request. There are two main areas of discussion - first, a clarification that this program will be a 'supporter' program and may need a better name. The second concern raised was whether the newsletter (this newsletter) should become a program benefit. Brian also raised the issue that we will need to plan the technical logistics for taking payments and signing supporters up for benefits. The discussion is ongoing.
  • Issue #573, a proposal to Continue CPC current board members until we get board seats sorted and new elections happen, has agreement from the group and no further discussion was requested.
  • Issue #567, incubation process clarifications, had been raised in response to the somewhat rushed need to conduct a final 'vote' to advance AMP and Electron ahead of the announcements at OpenJS World, which took many by surprise. Eemeli volunteered to author a proposal to modify the existing process and will submit that via pull request.
  • On #326, Responsible security disclosures, Marcin and Michael are waiting for broader feedback from more OpenJSF projects. Jory took the action item to directly reach out to the maintainer community and request input.
  • #562, Initial draft of the Community Board Seat, was landed without further discussion.
  • Issue #474, which initially proposed the OpenJS Collaboration Network, was closed given that the idea has been advancing through the proposal process and discussion is better suited there. Related to that issue, PR #557, Move Collaboration Network to Stage 2 is open and waiting on updates from designated reviewers. There is an additional pull request, #547 that covers Governance Changes for the Collaboration Network. It is blocked on #557.
  • On #438, 2nd Director seat- post July 2020, Joe hopes to have a PR open this week to clarify documentation based on ongoing discussions.
  • Tobie promises more progress on #414, Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance, after he returns from vacation.
  • The final issue, #583 Updating the CLA to the Apache-style ICLA and CCLA, was recently opened and warranted a lot of discussion. Tobie and Brian led the discussion, sharing some context from the source of the existing CLA and some of the benefits of transitioning now. The differences between the existing and proposed CLAs, as well as the differences between using individual (ICLA) or Corporate (CCLA) tools are nuanced; if you are interested in this discussion I recommend watching the last ~10 minutes of the CPC meeting and reaching out to Tobie or Brian to discuss further. Comments are requested on the issue.
  • Finally, we closed the meeting ~10 minutes early to discuss open project applications.