07.03 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

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Last week's email went out on Monday (sorry) so you are getting two emails from me this week (not sorry)....

🗯 CPC Meeting Notes / Recap

There were quite a few items on the agenda, but we got through them efficiently. After a brief amount of discussion, we determined that we should encourage the CPC to use this email list (projects@...) and github issues for their open conversations, and that a private list for voting CPC members should be kept for the few cases where a conversation needs some confidentiality. The 'Observer' issue was re-opened just to make sure that the action item related to it was completed - as a reminder this is a PR to add clarifying language about the role of Observer. The Stage-2 Project Progression and Node Charter issues are essentially done but are waiting on some administrativia to land, which is expected to happen between now and the next meeting. We also discussed adding a second meeting time as an alternate time for non-US centric timezones and reviewed the post-bootstrap project board.

At the end of the meeting, we spent some time discussing the role of the CPC in managing budgets such as travel funds. It was suggested that we should let all projects know the CPC intends to move in a direction that would centralize fiscal management. In other words, when the Foundation Board of Directors approves allocating funds for project activities like the Collab Summit or Travel Funds, the CPC would have oversight of these funds. Those with alternative approaches or viewpoints are encouraged to bring them to a CPC meeting for discussion.

📅 Next meeting is: Wednesday, July 10 @ 16:00 UTC

📠 Notes from the first Standards WG Meeting
On Tuesday, July 2 we held our first Standards group meeting - many thanks to Sendil for getting it organized. We've set this up as a recurring meeting, happening every-other Tuesday at 18:00 UTC. The next meeting will be July 16; watch the repo and slack for meeting details. 

For our first meeting, we discussed the status of the OpenJS Foundation's membership at the W3C and Ecma. We also brainstormed activities we could start undertaking to kick-start our work. We talked about who would be attending TPAC, and adding learning resources to the repository.

Hope you all have a safe and happy rest of your week 🏖