06.26 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

Here's what's going on in the wide-world of OpenJS Foundation activities:

💬 CPC Meeting Notes / Recap

We had a really great turnout for the meeting - perhaps one of the best attended, as we had a quorum of our voting representatives present for the first time! Thanks to all who tuned in. Related to that issue, we discussed a strawperson PR to have a conversation about what the difference really is between Observer and Regular member. The PR was closed, and their was general consensus to update the CPC charter section describing Observer members to include something like the following text: “Observers are free to attend meetings and participate in the work of the CPC as well as the consensus seeking process. Observers are encouraged to participate and volunteer but should refrain from disrupting or blocking progress.”

We also discussed feedback on the Stage 2 of the project progression proposal. As a reminder this effort describes how a potential project joins the OpenJS Foundation. There were some outstanding, non-blocking comments to be captured and with that consideration the group agreed moving to Stage 2. We clarified our PR approval / merger process as described here, and with a quorum of voting members agreed to merge that in. We also approved the charter changes for the Node Charter with a quorum of the voting reps having weighed in.

📅 2nd Reminder: CPC Meeting Time change
For the immediate future, CPC meetings will be on Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC (Noon EST). The next meeting is July 3rd - see this issue for more info. 

🔦 A Note on the ED Search
There are but a few final stage interviews remaining - the expectation is that they will be announcing our new ED sometime in the last week of July. 

🏂 Node + JS Interactive Updates
Just a quick thanks to all who submitted sessions and/or signed up to review talk submissions. The goal is to have speakers notified by July 31 - quite ambitious, really! But we're hoping to do that so we can start planning the community corners and also have plenty of time for the Collaborator's Summit as well. If you're interested in helping out with the festivities in December, please follow along on this repo!

📟 Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack Slack
Here's another reminder and link that you can join our slack channel to trade animated jiffs (or talk shop) with your OpenJSF friends whenever you like: https://communityinviter.com/apps/js-foundation/slacking-around-the-js-ecosystem

All are welcome, but abide the CoC and proper slack etiquette.

🌈 2nd reminder: Join the CPC as a Regular Member
In the CPC charter, we have identified 'regular members' in addition to voting members. Regular members are people from all the foundation's projects' communities, who want to participate and weigh in on CPC projects and programs. If you think you want to get involved with the CPC in a leadership capacity, I highly recommend joining as a regular member. 

🖍 re the CLA survey
Thanks to those who took a moment to fill it out. The results were mixed in terms of what people want, but one thing is for certain: no one wants to spend too much time on this and there is a fair amount of concern that it will take a lot of effort to switch over. We (me, Brian Warner) think creating and sharing a pro & con list of the different options available to projects would be helpful, along with possible migration paths. So we're going to draw that up with legal council and get back to ya'll. 

Did I miss something? With the power of reply all, you can let me know... 
A reminder that you are very welcome to send messages to this list you think other foundation projects will be interested in. Or you can tell me and I will put it in this here newsletter. But don't be shy!

With <3 from your friendly neighborhood Jory,