06.19 News You Can Use & CPC updates

Jory Burson

Hoera, dis Donderdag!
(Hooray, it's Thursday!)

📅 Reminder: CPC Meeting Time change
For the immediate future, CPC meetings will be on Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC (Noon EST). We're asking that you update your availability in the spreadsheet if this time absolutely doesn't work for you. At the next meeting, we hope to address adding a second, alternating time that works for as many people as possible. 

👏 New OpenJSF CPC Chair and Director Named
Congratulations to Joe Sepi and Kris Borchers, who were confirmed during the last CPC meeting as our new Chairperson and Director, respectively. We're excited to have these positions filled, and we're in very capable hands with these two! WooHoo!! 

🌈 Join the CPC as a Regular Member
In the CPC charter, we have identified 'regular members' in addition to voting members. Regular members are people from all the foundation's projects' communities, who want to participate and weigh in on CPC projects and programs. If you think you want to get involved with the CPC in a leadership capacity, I highly recommend joining as a regular member. 

To join, submit a PR against the CPC repo adding your name (see this PR from Myles if you want a template). Easy-peasy!

📊 Super-Quick CLA/DCO Survey - one more appeal
We need to make some updates to the CLA bot (you may have noticed that it's still 'JSF CLAbot) - and at the request of our interim ED Mike Dolan I'm sending around a 2-question survey to find out what the projects' preferences are. This will help us prioritize work and keep disruptions to a minimum. Please take 2 shakes to fill it out.

📣 Last Call, For Real This Time: 
Node + JS Interactive CFP and program committee
Tomorrow is the very last day to submit for either of these things! For the curious, joining the program committee means you will help with submission review and talk selection. To give you a sense of the time commitment, I did this last year and I think I spent a total of 6 hours reviewing talks and giving feedback.

If you want to participate in the program selection committee you are welcome to sign up for that here. Submissions link - https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/nodejs-interactive-2019/

🗣 CPC Meeting Notes / Recap
As always, you can review the agenda and notes here, and you can watch the recorded meeting here

We had quite the full meeting this week: we are starting to really look at nailing down our decision-making process and getting clear on what we require for consensus. One of the big reasons for that is that there are some items, like approving project charters, that need approval of the voting representatives. Node is looking to update its charter and we couldn't take action on that as we didn't have a sufficient number of voting reps at the meeting. 

We also heard from Brian on the project Assets repo (some trademark language is in review with legal); landed a PR to improve the README, confirmed our new Chair and Director (see above), and discussed adding regular members.

🐆 jory

ps - this email will likely start going out on Thursdays moving forward, since the CPC meeting was moved to Wednesday 😘