06.12 Weekly News You Can Use

Jory Burson

Lyckliga onsdag vänner!
(Happy Wednesday friends!)

📅 New CPC Meeting Time next week
Our next CPC meeting will be Wednesday, June 19 at 16:00 UTC. We are moving away from the alternating times on Mondays because that was not tenable for some of our voting reps. We're hoping to settle on a new rotation of times that works for everyone, see also: "scheduling is hard"

🗣 CPC Meeting Notes / Recap
In case you missed the meeting on Monday, you can review the agenda and notes here. There was a slight mix-up with Zoom credentials so the recording will be a bit delayed making in onto our YouTube channel. 

One of the main items we took up was that of drafting charters for our projects. We do not have project charters for many of the former JSF projects and we've asked the board to come up with a template charter doc we can use to quickly create them for all OpenJSF projects. Once we have this document we will likely be spinning up a subcommittee and I will be chasing down project leads to get these completed (with as little pain and friction as possible, I swear).

📊 Super-Quick CLA/DCO Survey
We need to make some updates to the CLA bot (you may have noticed that it's still 'JSF CLAbot) - and at the request of our interim ED Mike Dolan I'm sending around a 2-question survey to find out what the projects' preferences are. This will help us prioritize work and keep disruptions to a minimum. Please take 2 shakes to fill it out.

📣 Node + JS Interactive CFP and program committee
The event is in Montreal, Dec. 10-12. The amazing Christian Bromann and Tracy Hinds are our CFP chairs this year, but if you want to participate in the program selection committee you are welcome to sign up for that here

The deadline for submissions has been pushed back to June 21 - https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/nodejs-interactive-2019/

💬 Collab Summit Retrospective
We had a meeting yesterday to discuss what went well and what didn't about the Berlin Collab Summit - if you want to add your thoughts, or just see what others said, pop on over to this issue.

👥 Update on CPC Director & Chair Nominations
The nomination period is closed, and my understanding is that we only have one candidate for each position. So I think we will be confirming these candidates during the next CPC meeting on Wednesday. I'm not entirely sure because there was also some conversation about collecting candidate statements but that seems unnecessary at this point? 

🎩 FYI: Upcoming Board Meeting
There's an upcoming Board meeting on June 21. Anything you need to raise to that group? Now's your chance to get it on the agenda! cc Brian Warner on that.

🆒 Reminder: JS Foundation Slack Workspace is Now OpenJS Foundation 
You can join by using this community inviter link: https://communityinviter.com/apps/js-foundation/join-openjs-foundation-on-slack. One awesome benefit? We have a #pr-marketing channel you can use to ping when you want a signal boost on project announcements. 

A reminder that the Slack Channel adheres to the Foundation CoC and we ask that you follow good Slack Etiquette. Questions? Brian Warner and Jory Burson are workspace Admins.