05.20 CPC Meeting Recap + News You Can Use

Jory Burson

Bon après-midi, joyeux mercredi! 👒
(Good afternoon & happy Wednesday!)

🚨 Second-to-last JSF Mailing List Deprecation Warning 
I will be deprecating the JSF-only mailing lists on June 1. If you want to continue getting these updates, you will need to sign up for the projects@... listI will not be migrating any email addresses over. 

Sign up at https://lists.openjsf.org/ and log in. The main page has the sign up for the main public mailing list and the 'subgroups' link in the sidebar is where you will find the other mailing lists, including 'projects' which is the list I will be sending these updates to. 

📬 Other lists include:
- main@...: everyone is automatically signed up for this list. We will not be sending email to this list.
- announce@...: this is for the CPC to send CPC-specific announcements and updates. It will be read only.
- projects@...: this is for cross-project discussion and news sharing. This is a moderated list.

💼 OpenJS Foundation Executive Director Search
The hunt is on for our ED - if you or someone you know is a great candidate, please send them this link and encourage them to apply! https://openjsf.org/openjs-foundation-executive-director-search/

📣 Node + JS Interactive CFP is now open
The event is in Montreal, Dec. 10-12. The amazing Christian Bromann and Tracy Hinds are our CFP chairs this year. Definitely make plans to attend, and in the meantime submit a session proposal or two! The call will be open until June 14th. Submit here: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/nodejs-interactive-2019/

🎨 Project Logos/Marks: Vector art & files requested
As you may have seen in another message, we're trying to gather the highest-quality art files we can find for the project logos and marks, so it's easier for us to use good images correctly in social media, blogs, etc. If you haven't already done so, please send those to myself &/or Brian Warner (bwarner@...).

🏔 Collaborator Summit Updates
The call for sessions has officially closed. We are now working on coordinating the agenda, which we hope to have done Tuesday. We will post the official agenda on the nodejs/summit repo and we will include remote dial-in information there as well as soon as we have it. You can see the Work In Progress Agenda here, and, you can still register to attend the summit here (password is collabsummit). If you want to apply for the travel fund you really need to get that done by the end of this week at the latest.

📞 CPC Meeting Recap & Next meeting
Meeting minutes are here - it doesn't look like the stream was captured on Youtube unfortunately. We discussed nominations for the CPC Director and Chair roles - you can nominate yourself or someone else on this issue. We also discussed how to recognize regular members and moving the management of the travel fund to the CPC (from Node CommComm). Lastly, we discussed updating the project board. The convo did run long so we ran out of time to cover everything. 

I do not think we're going to hold a CPC meeting until the session at the collaborator summit due to the US/UK holiday. You can watch this issue to confirm. 

LMK if you need anything of have any questions about the upcoming festivities!