05.06 Bootstrap Meeting Recap + News You Can Use

Jory Burson

🌞 Buen dia - feliz miercoles!

🚨Super Important: Mailing List Updates🚨
Most of you have been getting these emails via the jsf-tac or jsf-project-contacts google groups. I will be deprecating the JSF-only mailing lists on June 1. If you want to continue getting these updates, you will need to sign up for the projects@... list. This is a preferable solution because anyone can sign up and manage their subscriptions to OpenJSF mailing lists this way. For privacy and consent reasons, I will not be migrating any email addresses over. 

It's really easy to sign up - just go to https://lists.openjsf.org/ and log in. The main page has the sign up for the main public mailing list and the 'subgroups' link in the sidebar is where you will find the other mailing lists, including 'projects' which is the list I will be sending these updates to. The purpose of the projects list is to give the OpenJSF project maintainer communities a space to work and share information about cross-project issues. If you would like a mailing list specifically for your project that is something we can do as well (but your community will be responsible for updating it!)

There are other lists there as well, but I am still not 100% on what the difference is between them. So for now the one you need to know is projects@..., and of course report@... in the event you have a CoC report to file that requires escalation to the CPC. Please share with your communities!

We met our goal to get the Impact representatives and nominees from the At Large & Growth projects in by May 1 - THANK YOU! All representatives and nominees have been added to the GH org/repo, so please check to make sure you've accepted your invite. There are a couple of next steps now which are pretty important: 
  • One is for all the representatives and nominees to share their meeting availability here so that we can select a new meeting time that works for the voting representatives. 
  • Another is to make sure all the representatives and nominees have been added to the CPC mailing list (Brian Warner is taking care of that, please make sure he has the best email address for you).
  • Another is to attend the first 'Official CPC Meeting' on Monday, May 20 @ 2 p.m. EST.
The CPC charter states that there will be two nominees from the at large and growth projects elected as voting reps. We have 5 nominees, but we lack a voting method at the moment. At the bootstrap meeting last week I proposed that we confirm all nominees as voting representatives, and give that group the task of defining how the election should work moving forward. My point of view: the more, the merrier! The idea was positively received in general so I'm drafting a formal proposal for the group to confirm/reject at the next meeting. Let me know if you have alternative approaches to suggest on this particular issue!

First Official CPC Meeting
Is May 20th, at 2 p.m. EST. We will be prepping for the CPC meeting/session to be held during the Collaborator Summit.

LAST CALL: Survey for New Meeting Times
Please please please share your availability. Note that there are two tabs on this sheet - one for times on Tuesday, another for times on Wednesday: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/3/d/12e8lN9ywi-2kAtcW08WS3x3S-6TXiOO8_yxs3j0Sm2E/edit#gid=0

Infrastructure & Tooling Audit
A reminder to share your hopes, desires, praises or complaints about the foundation's technical infrastructure & services. We're looking at everything really closely to figure out what we can improve and streamline, and we want to know how to make your lives a lil bit easier on this front!

OpenJS Foundation Executive Director Search
The hunt is on for our ED - if you or someone you know is a great candidate, please send them this link and encourage them to apply! https://openjsf.org/openjs-foundation-executive-director-search/

Collaborator Summit - the final countdown.....
This is weeks away! We're figuring out remote participation as we speak. But if you are able to make it you should come, I heard there will be cake 🎂 

The Event Registration link is here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openjs-collaborator-summit-tickets-55985971548 (password is collabsummit)
Information on how to apply for the travel fund is here: https://github.com/nodejs/admin/blob/master/MEMBER_TRAVEL_FUND.md

Meeting Recap
Here are the meeting minutes and the recording. Another pretty straightforward session that ended a little early. The big item is really the project application and onboarding proposal, which we're landing at stage 1 but still looking for comments and thoughts on. The gist of that is figuring out what the application process will be exactly, and what the 'quiet period' should be (a period wherein a project can privately disclose to voting CPC reps that they would like to join, before making that information public). 

Thanks for reading!