04.08 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use


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📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders

NEXT CPC MEETING: Tuesday, April 13 @ 6:00 PM UTC


NEXT STANDARDS WG MEETING: Tuesday, April 21 @ 6:00 PM UTC

OPEN OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, April 9 @ 5:00 PM UTC

PUBLIC BOARD MEETING: Friday, April 24 @ 6:00 PM UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

💬 Join us on the JS Holodeck! We're doing a little "gather round the virtual water cooler" to hang out and be unproductive together, virtually. This Friday, April 10 join us at 19:30 UTC on zoom - call details will be shared in the #general channel on Slack.

😷 OpenJS World, Collab Summit, & Covid-19: Please continue to check for the latest updates. We are actively evaluating systems to provide online conference experiences, and hope to have more concrete information to share in the next couple of weeks. We also recommend that you wait to purchase lodging and airfare until May 1.

📣 Call for Collab Summit Proposals: This year, we're organizing session proposals by track: New Contributors, Project Session, Cross-Project Sessions, and Ad Hoc. Mosey on over to the /summit repo to open an issue to propose a session! We're looking to get all the pre-planned sessions on a schedule by the end of May. Pretty please, with a cherry on top, let us know what you'd like to propose!

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started with issue #504, Voting members chosen by regular members. We will come back to this issue once the voting members from non-impact projects have been finalized.
  • We discussed issue #503, How do we keep Code of Conduct up to date without upstreaming our modifications to it, which relates to the problem of upstreaming changes from our CoC to the Contributor Covenant. Tobie Langel gave more context for this in a private session, as it stemmed from a private conversation he had.
  • Issue #501, Self-managed maintainer directory + mailing lists on, was skipped for the day as Brian was unable to join.
  • PR #495, Amendment to the by laws to ensure a sign-off between Voting CPC members, is ready to go. We need 50% of voting members to approve this. Tierney volunteered to help reach out to voting members in order to move forward.
  • Issue #488, Call for nominations for voting CPC reps, remains open though the nomination period is closed. Jory suggested doing a post mortem of the election process and Joe agreed to open an issue.
  • Issue #482, Webhint Project Charter Review, was approved and landed.
  • Issue #474, OpenJS Collaboration Network, had no new updates. Michael is continuing to research other programs.
  • On issue #469, Populate the Code Of Conduct Panel, we added the list of reps that we have confirmed in order to document where we have made progress.
  • Issue #414 Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance, had no update.
  • Issue #386 Add Post-Graduation Checklist is at the Board level for a vote. Michael will follow up to see if that has closed and report back.
  • Lastly, on issue #326 Responsible security disclosures, Michael reported an overview of conversations with Marcin and Tobie reported that he is getting stakeholders from the AMP project to review as well.
  • We concluded the meeting ~15 minutes early for a discussion related to the CoC and issue #503.
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