04.08 Bootstrap Meeting Notes + News You Can Use

Jory Burson

ūüíꬆHello fellow kids, here's what's going on this week:

Call for Participation - JS Security Working Group 
Vladamir & others on the Node Security WG team would love to involve other projects in a broader effort around security for our ecosystem. Say hi on the issue below to start getting the conversation going.

New Mailing Lists
Brian Warner made us some new OpenJS-wide mailing lists, and we will be transitioning over to those from the JSF-specific ones soon. In the meantime, send anyone who wants to sign up to get these amazing emails from yours truly to https://lists.openjsf.org/g/main so they can sign up for the list(s) that interest them. I'll dedicate a future email to describing each of these lists in more detail. 

Call for CPC reps & participants
I filed an issue on the main repo about this for every single project (#sorrynotsorry) - we're really eager to get as many people participating as possible in the CPC conversations, especially in this early stage. We want to make sure the process we start out with is one that works for and benefits ya'll, so even if you can't make the calls please be sure to weigh in on the CPC bootstrap repo! (openjs-foundation/bootstrap)

Call for marketing interviews
The LF Marketing team would like to interview folks about their project and how they can get plugged into what the projects are up to, so they can be better equipped to help market the projects. Project Leads, be on the lookout for an email from me about this, and be thinking about who from your projects might want to participate (contributors, community members, key implementers, etc).

Berlin & Collab Summit CFP
I will keep beating this drum up until the day of the event! Please register for the Collab Summit - https://eventbrite.com/e/openjs-collaborator-summit-tickets-55985971548 (pass is collabsummit) - and submit a session here: https://forms.gle/dURJEmcKX6fszo5i6

ūüéȬ†Thank you Christian and the SauceLabs team for sponsoring our evening event at the collab summit!ūüéČ

OpenJS Foundation ED Search
We're really looking for someone who knows the community and its challenges, but has the comfort with, ability, and interest in recruiting new members and projects into the foundation. Check out the job description in this issue and please pass it on to anyone you think would be qualified & interested!

See Also:
ICYMI, Brian Kardell had a great writeup from this week's W3C meeting. If you are interested in getting involved in any W3C working groups as a member of the Foundation please let us know! 

Next Meeting:
This week's meeting notes are here and the recording is here. Next meeting will be Monday, April 15 at 9 a.m. EST.

Need help with anything this week? I got you!