03.25 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use

❤You are doing a great job

📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders

NEXT CPC MEETING: Tuesday, March 31st @ 6:00 PM UTC



OPEN OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, March 26th @ 5:00 PM UTC

PUBLIC BOARD MEETING: Friday, March 27th @ 6:00 PM UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

💬 Join us on the JS Holodeck! We're doing a little "gather round the virtual water cooler" to hang out and be unproductive together, virtually. This Friday, March 27 join us at 19:30 UTC on zoom - call details will be shared in the #general channel on Slack.

👏 Test out thanksbot: We added a new Slack integration, a bot that lets you share appreciative messages and rolls them all up to display in a weekly digest. The goal is to help surface appreciation for the unseen things we're doing to support each other in the community. I hope you'll test it out and let us know what you think!

😷 OpenJS World, Collab Summit, & Covid-19: The Foundation is continuing to monitor the situation, seek expert advice, and talk with our community, members, sponsors, and staff. We're committing to being proactive and communicative, and most importantly careful for the well-being of the OpenJSF Community. Please continue to check for the latest updates. We are recommending that those who were planning to utilize the travel fund program wait to purchase lodging and airfare until May 1.

📣 Call for Collab Summit Proposals: This year, we're organizing session proposals by track: New Contributors, Project Session, Cross-Project Sessions, and Ad Hoc. We are also exploring alternative options for the Collab Summit, should the need arise. Mosey on over to the /summit repo to open an issue to propose a session! We're looking to get all the pre-planned sessions on a schedule by the end of May. Pretty please, with a cherry on top, let us know what you'd like to propose!

🎬Call Workshops for OpenJS World - If you'd be interested in delivering a 60-90 minute workshop for your project, please let us know! Ping Dylan Schiemann in Slack for details.

📺 Catch our next AMA with the Node TSC! Join us Wednesday, April 1 for the next AMA series with the Node TSC members. Use this form to ask a question, and then tune in on YouTube Wednesday at 16:00 UTC!

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started with an issue from the /summit repo, #249, Travel Fund Questions for Project Community Members. Divy has authored PR #492 to address this and has gotten good feedback and lots of +1s. We expect to merge it in by next week.
  • Issue #488, Call for nominations for voting CPC reps, is open for one more day. Joe has collected several names and will be posting the nominees on the issue. Several Impact projects have also reported the outcomes of their internal elections. There was also a brief discussion about expectations and intent for voting CPC reps from impact projects, and the group decided to file an additional related issue to track that.
  • Issue #482, Webhint Project Charter Review, was introduced. Anton welcomes any feedback on their document, otherwise we are looking for +1s to accept their charter document.
  • Issue #474, OpenJS Collaboration Network, was briefly discussed - conversation continues on the proposal in the issue and related PR.
  • On issue #469, Populate the Code Of Conduct Panel, the group reported that we are continuing to do outreach. Matteo shared that Jordan Harband will be the rep from Node, and Dylan S. volunteered from Dojo. Jory will follow up one last time via email and the group will begin organizing next steps. A related issue about upstreaming the changes we have to make on the Contributor Covenant was tabled for later discussion.
  • Issue #414 Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance, will be updated further next week.
  • Issue #386 Add Post-Graduation Checklist has been approved by the CPC and merge conflicts resolved. Brian will start the process for the board vote via email.
  • Issue #326 Responsible security disclosures did not get an update this week though the group continues to work on a related PR
  • We moved on to discuss issues from the standards repo. #58, Chartering the standards team, had a minimal update - the PR for this work has been submitted and is now waiting out its 14 day period for approvals or objections on governance related PRs.
  • Finally, Brian shared an issue related to managing lists of maintainers (#501) - the group was excited to see this new tool and thought of other ways it could be used to manage rosters.
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