03.12 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use

"Also, keep making your work. With your work, remind us to reflect, to think, and to be as we should be in the world. Evoke, provoke, disturb, and distress. Disorient, reorient, center, and re-center. Design and build a better world. Be good citizens as you carry on your work. The world needs artists, designers, and educators, and your work, more than ever." David Nelson, MassArt

📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders


NEXT CPC MEETING: Tuesday, March 17th @ 6:00 PM UTC


NEXT STANDARDS WG MEETING: Tuesday, March 24th @ 6:00 PM UTC

OPEN OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, March 26th @ 5:00 PM UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

😷 OpenJS World, Collab Summit, & Covid-19: The Foundation is continuing to monitor the situation, seek expert advice, and talk with our community, members, sponsors, and staff. We're committing to being proactive and communicative, and most importantly careful for the well-being of the OpenJSF Community. Please check for the latest updates.

🎟 Event registration for OpenJS World and Collab Summit: The conference is June 23-24th and the collab summit is June 25-26th in Austin, Texas. Stay tuned in the next week or two as we announce the keynote speakers (more speakers coming soon). We encourage you to book your hotel room early as the room block is expected to sell out early. Register at

📣 Call for Collab Summit Proposals: We're excited to provide a cool space for all our projects to get together and COLLABORATE. This year, we're organizing session proposals by track: New Contributors, Project Session, Cross-Project Sessions, and Ad Hoc. Mosey on over to the /summit repo to open an issue to propose a session!

🎉 CPC Voting Member Nominations are now open. All Impact, Growth, and At Large stage projects are encouraged to nominate folks from their community to help guide the Cross Project Council. Nominations should be emailed to Joe Sepi, CPC Director. Check out issue #488 for more details!

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started with an issue from the /summit repo, #249, Travel Fund Questions for Project Community Members. There was no real update - we are seeking volunteers to issue the PR to close this out.
  • #476, Projects with Windows and Mac Installers, Jory reported that she had opened and shared a survey with the projects to capture this data. The survey is still open for responses and projects can fill that out here.
  • Issue #474, OpenJS Collaboration Network, was discussed a bit more. Michael suggested that we have enough to identify next steps and will remove this from the agenda until those are ready for review.
  • Issue #472, OpenJS Collaboration Network, was closed because the official call for nominations was opened in issue #488.
  • On issue #469, Populate the Code Of Conduct Panel, Robin reported that she would be doing more direct outreach as initial calls for participation had not garnered a diversity of participants. Joe also volunteered to do more outreach into the node community for participants.
  • The next few issues, #414 Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance, and #386 Add Post-Graduation Checklist, did not receive an update as their champions did not have time to work on them.
  • Marcin and Michael gave an update on #326 Responsible security disclosures. Marcin has opened PR #489 that documents the progress and raises several questions for us. Our goal is to get to a minimum, consistent standard across the projects. Projects are encouraged to share their thoughts and needs on the PR.
  • Joe reported that work on #185 Add admin policy docs, was moving forward and had a lot of help. People are encouraged to review the PR and catch broken links, name updates, etc. Joe plans to merge this in soon as it has been opened for the required time period with no objections.
  • #90 Project Directed Funding, got an update from the Board. The board has approved the acceptance of additional funds from members to direct to specific projects. Details were shared on Tuesday's public board session and will soon be posted to the website. The Board is still working through the process of funds that may be contributed from crowdsourcing.
  • We moved on to discuss issues from the standards repos. #58, Chartering the standards team, standards wg members reported that they expected to finish their scope work in during their meeting and open a PR.
  • Finally on #43, Joining the Unicode Consortium, Robin reported that this was approved, the application was submitted, and we are waiting for a notification of acceptance from the Unicode Consortium.
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