03.05 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use

How are you doing this week? There's a lot going on in the world and you are welcome to come chat about it with your JS friends in our slack workspace. #hereforya ❤ Jory

📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders

PUBLIC BOARD MEETING: Monday, March 9th @ 10:00 PM UTC

NEXT CPC MEETING: Tuesday, March 10th @ 4:00 PM UTC


NEXT STANDARDS WG MEETING: Tuesday, March 10th @ 6:00 PM UTC

OPEN OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, March 12th @ 5:00 PM UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

🗺 OpenJS World & Covid 19: Though OpenJS World is still months away, it's prudent to stay on top of the evolving public health crisis. The Foundation issued an update describing precautions and policies for OpenJS World which you can read here. As additional updates or policy changes are announced, we will keep you informed here, on twitter and slack, and of course on the event website.

❓ICYMI -  Webhint AMA: We had a great AMA episode yesterday, featuring Rachel Weil, Harald Kirschner, and Tony Ross from the Webhint team. Give it a listen & share, if you have a minute. And as always, let us know if you'd like to run an AMA for your project, too! Next up: AMA with the Node TSC.

📚 Research Project? We can help! A great question from one of our projects this week prompted this FYI: If your project is interested in applying for grants or collaborating with a group who is, we can support you throughout the process. Let us know if this is something you're considering.

🏔 Collab Summit Updates: as shared last week, Collab Summit is confirmed for June 25-26th at the Capital Factory in Austin. Join us on the /summit repo, in #collabsummit on Slack, or by following up with me directly.

🎉 Coming soon: CPC Voting Member nomination period. The annual nomination period for voting CPC members will begin soon. If you are interested in participating on the CPC in a voting capacity, keep your eye out for the call for nominees on our CPC repo.

📅 Public Board Meeting this Monday. The OpenJSF Board of Directors will be meeting on Monday, and invite members of the community to join them for a public meeting at 3 p.m. PDT. Check out the events calendar for the zoom link.

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started with an issue from the /summit repo, #249, Travel Fund Questions for Project Community Members. This issue is awaiting a PR to incorporate the suggested guidelines from the issue.
  • Issue #476, Projects with Windows and Mac Installers, was new. Michael Dawson encouraged projects who have installers to let the Foundation know, as the foundation can help manage signing certificates. 
  • The next issue #472, Opening Nominations for next year's voting CPC members, was discussed more at length. Several of the Impact projects are starting their nominations. Eemeli shared that the next step is to open an official issue announcing the nomination period. Jory also has an action item to get in touch with the impact projects. Chris noted that we will be shedding a few voting members this period because of the unique nature of bootstrapping last year. Michael Dawson pointed out that this will limit the pool of people who will be available to fill roles such as CPC Chair. The group seemed to agree that some of these roles likely do not need to be limited; this point should be taken up after the nomination period has closed. 
  • On issue #469, Populate the Code Of Conduct Panel, the Foundation staff had sent out a message seeking nominees from the projects and the marketing committee. Those who are interested should reach out to Robin and Brian. In the interim, the bootstrap CoC team is available to respond to such issues.
  • The next few issues, #414 Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance and #386 Post graduation checklist were tabled due to the primary champion's illness. Joe will be helping in the interim.
  • On #326 Responsible security disclosures, Michael reported that there was no news this week but that Marcin will be joining next week to share an update.
  • #185 Add admin policy docs has a related pull request, #443. Joe will be incorporating the input over the next couple of days. Ben has also contributed some updates to this issue and everyone is encouraged to look at the changes. This issue is needed to start chartering teams. 
  • Issue #474, OpenJS Collaboration Network, is a new idea from Michael Dawson. Michael described it as an opportunity to provide resources for people to do more inter-project collaboration and to provide an inviting space for people from outside project communities to get involved. Darcy, representing npm, suggested that this would be a helpful idea. There was some discussion as to whether it would overlap too much with existing wgs or groups within the CPC. The group also did not want to require working groups within specific projects to "move up" out of the domain of the project. Eemeli suggested that 'Collaboration Space' felt more welcoming and perhaps better suited what the Standards WG is doing. Myles pointed out that the wgs often have some authority over a domain space, and that is a pattern that we probably want to keep. This discussion is ongoing and continuing on the issue.
  • On #90, Project Directed Funding, Michael reported that the Board is near conclusion on this and believes it will have some text for these policies to share within the next week.
  • We moved on to discuss issues from the standards repos. On #58, Chartering the standards team, Joe and Myles reported that the WG worked on a Scope and Responsibilities document to go through the final bits of governance, which the WG landed. The pair highlighted that related to the costs of participation, the WG's role is to help determine the estimated costs, not to approve travel themselves. Comments are welcome and the charter is generally anticipated to land after PR #443 is landed. 
  • #43, Joining the Unicode Consortium, Robin reported that the membership had cleared Legal, and Rachel is working on a blog post to announce.
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