02.14 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use

Hello friends - sorry this newsletter is out a little late this week. Consider it my Valentine to you and the OpenJS Foundation community! hearts, Jory

📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders

NEXT CPC MEETING: Tuesday, February 18th @ 7:00 PM UTC



NEXT STANDARDS WG MEETING: Tuesday, February 24th @ 7:00 PM UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

Join the OpenJS Foundation Marketing calls - the next committee meeting is this Tuesday, February 18 at 4:30 UTC, and the call details are on our public calendar. All project community members are welcome to attend this board committee, and get involved with marketing projects. They very much want to hear from you! Relatedly, don't forget to let us know in the #pr-marketing slack channel if you have some news to promote from your project on social media.

Registration for OpenJS World is opening soon - but you can already book your hotel on the conference room rate. We encourage you to do that ASAP as the hotel block will sell out quickly. Check out the venue details here, and don't forget to submit your CFP by February 21!

Collab Summit planning is ongoing, and we'd love your participation! Check out the /summit repo to view meeting notes and follow discussion in the #collab-summit slack channel. We're talking a lot about programming, so let us know what sessions you're interested in!

More Swag? We're nearing completion on a project that will let our community members order swag from their favorite projects. The store hasn't launched yet, but we're getting final approvals from project maintainers on the art. Stay tuned!

New Slack & email channels: we want to let you know that you can now join the #security and #npm channels on Slack, as well as the marketing@... email group. If you're interested in any of those topics, please feel free to join and say hello!

Welcome, Dhruv Jain! Dhruv is our newest CPC regular member from the Node community. We're glad you're here!

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We announced that the scheduled Standards WG meeting for later in the day had been cancelled due to multiple conflicts.
  • We started with #445, Meta: Where shall certain resources live? Jory had opened a PR to add a new directory to address this. It was merged and the issue was closed.
  • On issue #432, Start a Code of Conduct Team, Joe shared that the ad hoc meeting had been scheduled for the following day (Wednesday, Feb. 12) and that the intention is to close this issue once regular group meetings have been established.
  • On issue #414, Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance, Tobie Langel did not have time to get to this work but hoped to be further along next week.
  • On issue #386, Tobie reported that he is having issues with his dev environment and Joe volunteered to assist with rebasing and moving it over to the onboarding repo. A volunteer to help would be appreciated!
  • On #379, move COC proposal to stage 3, remains blocked pending the actions of the ad hoc group in #432. We expect that the outcome of the ad hoc meeting will result in this PR being merged.
  • #326, Responsible security disclosures, Marcin joined from the The goal is to build on the package maintainence WG policy work and recommend best practices and actions. We also now have a #security channel on Slack. Tobie reported that AMP is using Hackerone and is looking for clarification from Google on their long-term intentions. Tobie requested more clarification about the Foundation's long-term goals as well.
  • On #185, Add admin policy docs, Joe reported that there had been no real progress but there is a draft PR in progress ( #443).
  • There was no update for #90, Project Directed Funding, as the issue is with the board for discussion.
  • We then moved on to discuss issues from other repos. From the standards repo #58, Chartering the standards team, Joe reported that no progress had been made on this since last week.
  • Also from the standards repo, #43, Joining the Unicode Consortium, Kris reported that he had brought this to the board for discussion and would reach out to the group with any questions.
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