01.22 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use

Hope everyone is having a great week - as usual, lots going on, so read on!
your pal, Jory

📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders

PUBLIC BOARD MEETING: Friday, January 24th @ 17:00 UTC

NEXT CPC MEETING: Tuesday, January 28th @ 15:00 UTC

COLLAB SUMMIT PLANNING MEETING: Tuesday, January 28th @ 16:00 UTC

NEXT STANDARDS WG MEETING: Tuesday, January 28th @ 17:00 UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

First, a huge THANK YOU to Samuel Attard and Tierney Cyren for fixing up our Slack instance. They have comped us on Slack's Standard plan, which gets us more messages and features. Our Slack group has really grown over the past year, and is more and more active everyday. Thanks for making it even more productive, ya'll   Join us on Slack

The Board Public Meeting will be this Friday. When our board of directors meets, they usually try to have a public session so that we can attend - time doesn't always permit this public session, but they do plan to hold one this Friday. Call details are in the public calendar if you would like to attend.

The Monthly OpenJSF Marketing Meeting is now open to members of our project communities. This will help make sure we have more input and collaboration across project communities on Foundation marketing activities, and hopefully bring new and exciting ideas. We'll be getting this meeting up on the public calendar soon, but in the meantime pop in to the #pr-marketing channel on Slack! 

The CFP is now open for our OpenJS Foundation conference, June 23-24 in Austin, Texas.We hope you'll submit a talk, and encourage your friends to do so, too. I've also created a slack channel, #cfp-mentorship, if you want to work on an abstract or talk idea with experienced speakers. 

The Linux Foundation is running a very short survey about how projects use testing frameworks. If you have 45 seconds, please take a moment to respond - Brian Warner will be very grateful!

Last but not least, a hearty welcome to our newest CPC member, Ben Michel from Node - Welcome Ben! If you're interested in participating in CPC activities, submit a PR and join us! (All are welcome to attend) 

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started the meeting with #445, Where shall certain resources live? The discussion is about how we make certain types of resources, like those that describe project benefits and services, easier to find. There was no clear 'winning idea' so we are taking the discussion back to github.
  • Jory provided an update on the actions that had been taken for #432, Start a Code of Conduct Team. An email calling for participation was sent out to the CPC list, and there is a draft problem statement for folks to review and contribute to. Anyone who is interested in working on this is encouraged to raise their hand in the issue.
  • Issue #414, Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance, was deferred due to the main participants absence.
  • On issue #411, Kicking off an OpenJS Foundation project landscape, Brian shared a draft version that has been put together: We are encouraged to take a look, and Brian will lead another round of discussion about this next week.
  • #386, Add post-graduation checklist, needs approval by ½ of the voting members in order to land. If we can that done we should be able to get Board vote this week. This discussion briefly included points about the absence of participation from some voting members, an issue that may be hampering our ability to get some things done quickly. All voting members are encouraged to weigh in on this issue.
  • #377, Clarify Travel Fund status & process, is one of the more controversial issues we have on the docket. Myles provided an update from the board per our last meeting, confirming that there would be no objections to raising the budget if we need more, and that he hoped to have a statement to provide the CPC from the Board along those lines after Friday's board meeting. This statement would seem to satisfy those who are currently -1 on the proposal. The approved budget is $60k; last year's usage was ~$30.
  • Michael Dawson gave a brief update on #326, Responsible security disclosures. The policy is in active development and we are waiting on the first draft to review.
  • Lastly, we discussed CLA implementation as part of #115, Post-Bootstrap work to be managed by CPC. Kris Borchers has been testing the proposed replacement for the JSF CLA bot and provided early feedback to the group. Generally, this solution felt more corporate, and the user experience isn't ideal, but there are other trade-offs. There are some open questions about how this implementation works and whether some of the UX issues can be resolved. Brian and Kris are looking into this.
  • We ran out of time to discuss Chartering the standards team #58, but Joe shared that he is moving over admin docs which refer to working group requirements as a first pass
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