01.14 News You Can Use & CPC Updates

Jory Burson

News You Can Use
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📆 Upcoming Events & Meeting Reminders

Next CPC Meeting: Tuesday, January 21st @ 17:00 UTC

Next Standards Meeting: Tuesday, January 28th @ 17:00 UTC

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📰 Announcements & FYIs

Our CFP has launched!The Call for Proposals for the conference formerly known as Node + JS Interactive is  out, and we hope you'll submit a talk idea and tell your friends. As a reminder, the conference will be June 23-24 in Austin, TX. Relatedly, we are also looking for early sponsor partners - if you think your company might be interested, check out the sponsorship prospectus (attached).

Collab Summit planning is underway. It's time to get our ducks in a row for the next Collab Summit, which is being planned for June 25-26 in Austin immediately following the conference. These dates are not yet confirmed (we're trying to lock down the venue) but we hope to confirm that for everyone soon. If you'd like to participate in planning the Collab Summit, please drop me a note so we can get you looped in.

Does your project have public meetings or events? If you're looking to grow participation & interest in your project, making it more discoverable is a good first step. Adding your events to our public calendar is an easy way to get regularly recurring meetings and event information right into people's calendars & inboxes. Additionally, the foundation has resources you can use to schedule and livestream meetings to YouTube with Zoom.  

Our next project AMA will be Feb. 5th @ 10 a.m. ET with the jQuery maintainers. We hope you'll tune in, or use this form to submit a question ahead of time. We'd also appreciate any boosts/social shares you can give this series! And as always, if you'd like to do an AMA as well, let us know!

Speaking of Project Marketing...the marketing team put together a great deck for collab summit Montreal explaining some of the services and opportunities projects have to use Foundation marketing resources. Check it out here & ping us in #pr-marketing on Slack to get started on a project.

Lastly, an FYI/reminder:If you are an active contributor to OpenJS Foundation projects, you can join our CPC & working groups as a member by submitting a PR (everyone is welcome to participate as an observer). If your new year's intentions included getting more involved with the community, we'd welcome your participation!

🗒 Meeting Notes & Recaps

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

  • We started with #432, Start a Code of Conduct Working Group. The group decided to open a call for participation via email to the projects list & coordinate an initial meeting on issue. We determined that we need to make it clear that this group is not a moderation team, but rather a working group of people who will tackle/work through bigger process issues, concerns raised at Collab summit, and so on. The Action Item was left to Jory, Joe, and Ben to kick off, including getting a small group to craft a clear problem statement about what the group will be working on and casting a wide net for participants.
  • Add post-graduation checklist, #386 was also briefly discussed, and it was decided that the issue needs more reviews before closing.
  • Issue #379, Move COC proposal to stage 3, was briefly discussed and effectively tabled as it is blocked on #432 (See above). The general thinking is that this issue will be transferred to the remit of that working group once it is officially established.
  • #405, which adds a proposal for charter submission review per #200 was reviewed, merged and closed.
  • #400, Point of contact for onboarding, has an open PR from Mike Samuel ( #422). We are awaiting some additional approvals but anticipate closing this soon.
  • #377, Clarify Travel Fund status process, has gotten a fair bit of discussion on the related Pull request. The board has approved a $60k travel budget to be overseen by the CPC, which is equivalent to last year's budget. There are some objections to the transfer at present, because some would prefer to have seen the budget increase from the amount it had been given under the Node Foundation. The budget usage for 2019 was $30k. The group verbally supported Myles suggestion that we request explicit confirmation from the board that the budget will be increased if we exceed it by the half year mark. The board will meet in a few weeks.
  • On the Responsible security disclosures issue #326, Michael reported that the work is ongoing and there are no new updates.
  • Under #115 Post-Bootstrap work to be managed by CPC, Joe reported that the admin policy docs issue is in process.
  • We discussed an issue from the /standards repo, #32 OSI Affiliate Membership. Mylse briefed us on his proposal to ask the OpenJS Foundation Board to sign us up for affiliate membership and outlined some of the benefits for doing so. There is no explicit cost for this membership and the thought is that the relationship could be managed by the standards working group. The CPC gave its blessing to move forward with the request.
  • Lastly, we discussed an issue from the /project-onboarding repo, #31 Communication channel between CPC and AMP infra WG. Jory reported that this had been discussed at the AMP Infra G meeting at Collab Summit and would confirm with that group this issue can be documented and closed.
  • We tabled the discussion on the following issues due absence of a key stakeholder or time:
    • #414 Add Foundation-wide copyright guidance
    • #411 Kicking off an OpenJS Foundation project landscape

Meeting Notes | Recording | GH issue

We had a full and productive standards working group meeting, wherein the group discussed making another call for participation and auditing its memberlist (as seen on the readme of that repo). We also further discussed #32, about OSI Affiliate membership. The group felt that a key benefit this would provide more access to the conversations being had about "the Open Source Definition." We are still waiting to hear back from the Foundation on our request to join Ecma TC-53 (javascript for embedded systems). We merged PR #50, which clarifies our onboarding process. We discussed ou travel budget needs assumptions, around $5k, for OpenJS Foundation Standards related travel. We assumed this to be around $5k. Myles shared an idea to encourage and integrate new standards participants while supporting our collaborations by recruiting and sending Note takers. Jory will be looking to integrate all standards related events and deadlines on a new calendar.

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